Knowledge and innovation award

Door op do, 08/09/2016 - 11:19
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Wireless Value wins knowledge and innovation award). Wireless Value has won an innovation award, made available by the Innovative Action Programme Province of Drenthe, the Netherlands (‘Innovatief Actieprogramma Drenthe; the IAD). The IAD is an initiative of the Province of Drenthe aimed at promoting the development of business within the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. Applying knowledge and innovation in SMEs is the main priority. The award Wireless Value has received concerns sensor system technology and the agribusiness industries.

The amount made available by the IAD enables Wireless Value to start an innovative project whereby mathematical growth models of plants are being tested and verified. For this purpose, the AgriSensys system is used with WiSensys platform sensors. The testing programme is carried out jointly with the Wageningen University and the company Green Formula.The Wageningen University developed mathematical growth models for various plant types. Based on these models, one can predict the circumstances under which the plants grow best and supply most output. By varying the amount of food, light, relative humidity and water climate, variations are created that influence the growth of the crop and ultimately the production. The objective is to arrive at a model in which the optimal conditions for the growth of a certain crop can be predicted. An important step in the development process is that the mathematical models are accurately tested in a practical situation. This will be conducted using Wireless Value sensor technology. Several gardeners in Drenthe will make part of their greenhouses available in which we will be placing our advanced equipment to accurately monitor the climate in the greenhouses. Using our specialised software we can enable Wageningen University researchers to further develop their model. We are glad that IAD gives us the opportunity to conduct this innovative project and that, jointly with our project partners, we are helping science take a step further; allowing us to put horticulture in Southeast Drenthe back on the map.