Smart Systems

Door op ma, 10/04/2017 - 09:39
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In 2016 Wireless Value was approached  by a consortium of Dutch and Belgium companies with the request to participate in a project Smart Systems. The objective of this project is development  of components of a  Smart System and forming a community where parties are complementary  and strengthen each other. Components are smart sensors, data collection and evaluation and finally decision support models based on big data technologies.

The lead time of the project is 3 years with a financial grant for Wireless Value of €100.000. Apart from participating in the community activities Wireless Value will execute 3 projects which will form an enrichment of the WiSensys platform:

  • BlueSensys with Bluetooth sensors and a smart phone as base station
  • Fast sensor measuring up to 8 Hz mainly for industrial applications
  • An integrated base station with WiFi

The first version of the fast sensor will be available in the middle of 2017. We expect a first release of Bluesensys at the end of 2018.