Wireless monitoring in the laboratory

Most hospitals have laboratories for research, testing and evaluation. A lot of medical material has to be stored in different places at various temperatures. Most material cannot be stored in the same refrigerator or freezer.

A hospital will want to monitor all refrigeration and freezer units indivdiually in its labs. This is not just out of concern for patient safety, but also to demonstrate that the laboratories are compliant with all applicable medical standards. The monitoring system must send alarms to the relevant staff if set alarm values are exceeded.
During medical audits evidence will be required in the form of measured data and logbooks. Some of the data is used for scientific research and must be retained for 10 years or more.

Monitoring of various parameters

Specific prameters requiring 24/7 control are the temperatures in laboratory freezers and refrigerators. Additional sensors must be installed for the measurement of CO2 levels (up to 60,000 ppm), pressure differences between lab departments, cylinders containing liquid nitrogen, and laboratory climate (temperature, humidity and occasionally formaldehyde).
Transport of medical material between different hospital sites must be monitoired.
And various types of temperature sensors are installed in refrigerators and freezers.


Wireless Value offers an easy-to-install solution. In clinical chemistry and microbiology laboratories more than 120 sensors are installed.

For the monitoring of blood samples during transport from the phlebotomist to the laboratory 150 senros are used. In addition, 10 special sensors are installed for measuring pressure difference, formaldehyde, CO2, etc.