Wireless sensor-based measurement and control

What do you do if you want to monitor additional parameters while growing soft fruit? If a large amount of the fruit is grown outdoors, then you certainly do not want a system involving hundreds of metres of cabling. In this case, a wireless system is the best solution. And with Wireless Value Agri, large distances can be covered between sensor and base station.

Powerplants in Australia supplies a range of horticultural technology products and services. As a result of their customers’ requirements, they contacted Wireless Value.

For a large soft fruit grower in Australia it is important to install a wireless plug & play system able to measure soil moisture, soil temperature and soil EC. Soft fruit plants stands in pots beneath semi-open tunnels. The nursery covers several dozen hectares.

The sensors and modules are powered by a solar panel with associated storage battery. The solar power system is dimensioned in such a way that the storage battery is fully able to deliver power to the sensors on days of complete darkness.

The GPRS/Internet Base Station sends the data to the Wireless Value Online application. This allows remote login whereupon all data are clearly displayed on a dashboard.

The customer wanted the Wireless Value system to link up with the PRIVA computer.  By liaising closely with PRIVA, it was possible to create this link.

By using a sensor network, the customer is now in a position to monitor and analyse growing at a number of locations. The measurement data are used for optimising irrigation in combination with healthy EC values.

As a result of this successful approach, there are now similar systems operating in the USA, Australia, Mexico and China.