Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To develop wireless application systems for specific B2B market sectors, based on standard radio frequencies.

To offer engineering services through provision of:

  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Capacity
  • Components

And using:

  • Knowledge and cooperation of research institutions

So that we:

Can supply partners in the best way possible, allowing them to best serve their end customers
through measurement and control.

Our vision

by means of wireless technology, we aim to provide users with insight and security in order to reduce risks in the business process.

Corporate social responsibility/Sustainability

For many years now, Wireless Value has been a global player in the field of wireless sensors. Wireless Value sees itself as having an important role in achieving sustainability. For this reason, Wireless Value has drawn up a specific sustainability policy to maintain an anchor point within the organisation.

Thanks to well thought-out development, Wireless Value sensor systems can be flexibly integrated into very different environments and remotely installed and monitored.

This is the result of:

  • The plug-and-play nature of the system
  • The dashboard, through which, inter alia, an insight is provided into consumption and optimisation
  • Sensor housings made from recycled material
  • Products being made in the Netherlands
  • Housing in a building without gas connection
  • Provision of solar panels
  • Provision of heat/cold storage
  • Provision of LED lighting