Perfect climate in your greenhouse

AgriSensys® is an advanced system that monitors the climate in your greenhouses. For greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs it is important that temperature differences in different places in the greenhouse are as small as possible. With the help of AgriSensys® you can create the perfect greenhouse climate.

A homogeneous climate is important for maximum yield. In addition, a homogeneous climate directly contributes to minimum energy consumption in the greenhouse and a reduced risk of disease. With a homogeneous climate the yields increase and the energy costs decrease. We believe this to be both useful and interesting knowledge.Labsensys:

AgriSensys is a wireless measuring system developed especially for greenhouse horticulture. By wireless measuring of the temperature and humidity with a minimum of 12 sensors per hectare the grower gets a good overview of their greenhouse climate. By logging in to our secure website the grower also gets insight into the temperature and humidity distribution in their greenhouse. Our system can be used as a basis and a guideline for the first step in the New Cultivation. With the current technologies it is no longer possible to use one climate box per 5,000 m2 for energy efficient and safe growing. Thanks to our wireless temperature and humidity sensors you can now get a good overview of the differences in your greenhouse.

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