Wisensys Wireless platform

WiSensys is a wireless, easy to install and ready to use sensing system with data logging capability. WiSensys is the ultimate solution for accurately measuring, securely transmitting and logging the output signals from a variety of sensors. WiSensys offers a wireless infrastructure for connecting points of measurement with data evaluation centres. The platform is open with respect to sensors, integration in the user environment and the user interfaces. WiSensys offers the possibility to connect to the platform WiSensys sensors and sensors of third parties. In this way a wide variety of quantities can be measured and the data can be made available in a uniform user interface.

WiSensys is the platform for wireless measurements developed by Wireless Value. It is a user friendly system that can be deployed in various situations. You can connect wireless sensors that perform various measurements, for wireless temperature measurement, relative humidity, CO2-content, energy consumption, analogue signals and contact. The measurement results are stored locally in the sensor or sent digitally to a base station, depending on your requirements, by means of wireless technology. You can make use of our own sensors in the WiSensys-family, but there are also options to connect third party sensors as WiSensys is an open system. The sensors we supply do not have a display for a reason. By using wireless technology, we ensure that you do not have to view your data from a sensor, but that you will have it in real time on your own device.

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