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The power of wireless measurement

Wireless Value has been developing wireless measurement systems for reliable information transfer for decades. We believe in the power and value of wireless measurement. Our conviction is that wireless measurement makes the world safer, healthier and more sustainable. The results of our measurement systems show that this really is the case.

Sustainable development

We work with a team of specialists day in day out to develop measurement systems, for example for process optimisation. Our products are not only faultless, they are also developed sustainably and are sustainable while operating. The enclosures are made of 100 per cent recycled material that is durable and can take a knock. We go for quality and sustainability.


Precise and reliable measurement data


Measured data always within reach


Always a tailor-made solution


  • ISO 9001 certified

    Wireless Value’s management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified by LRQA under approval number ISO 9001 – 00042162.

  • IOT mindset

    The IOT mindset continues to be shaped. The product family and focus on market segments ensures Wireless Value is ready for a sustainable future.

  • Management change

    Wireless Value’s founders retire and make way for a new management team. Bas Visser and Feike Oenema will take over and set a course for Wireless Value to continue to grow and be ready for the future. The wireless platform will therefore be combined with a newly developed web portal for optimal ease of use. It also introduces the comfort sensor in a designer housing.

  • Ease of installation introduced

    Wireless Value continues to improve the product line. Ease of installation is increased and sensors can now be linked to the base station via the web portal.

  • Extension product portfolio

    Wireless Value expands its product range with analogue modules and modules for measuring CO2, temperature and relative humidity. Furthermore, innovative modules see the light of day for wirelessly reading and transmitting digital protocols. A milestone in data processing! Commissioned by Wageningen University, Wireless Value is developing an integrated sensor system for greenhouse horticulture. This system takes large-scale climate measurements in greenhouses, for example. The system gets further expansion with a Range Extender, which allows for a greater distance between the module and the base station. Wireless Value takes another step in sensor development by making it possible to connect base stations to the Cloud via Ethernet and GPRS. The introduction of WebSensys, the online data portal, makes it possible to access data online. Wireless Value’s products are also used in Sweden, Germany and Spain.

  • Establishment and development

    It all started in 2003. That’s when three enthusiastic engineers founded Wireless Value to conquer the world with wireless technology. They combined their various areas of expertise and got to work. In 2006, this collaboration resulted in a wireless measurement system consisting of a base station and two types of temperature sensors. This product was soon marketed in the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal.

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We are Wireless Value

We have long been a specialist in wireless measurement. We believe that wireless measurement and a sustainable future go hand in hand. This is because our metrics give you more insight into operational processes. More insight means more opportunities to optimise and more opportunities to reduce waste. Are you curious what we can do for you? Please contact us. Together, we’re working for a sustainable future!