Wireless Value has been supplying sensor systems to the horticulture sector since 2008. Proven technology combined with years of experience is your guarantee of quality and security. We do not just measure climate, we provide an insight into the stage of growth of the crop by smart measurements using wireless sensors.

Measurement and monitoring

Wireless sensor systems provide you with additional data from your greenhouse and crop, enabling you to better control energy and plant balance. Wireless Value has developed a range of special sensor modules for horticulture. Apart from measuring climate and climate uniformity, you are also able to place your heating systems under the microscope. You can also gather additional data on your crop. A summary of the data is provided on your own dashboard and clear models give you a rapid insight into your values versus your targets. “

Total solution

Because the platform is of the plug & play type, no technical knowledge is necessary to install it. Finally, the extremely energy-efficeint development ensures that battery changes are only necessary once every 5 years.


Wireless Value Agri is used every day throughout the world in vegetable production, horticulture, cultivation and breeding, for the measurement of greenhouse climate, and plant conditions.


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