Control greenhouse climate with Wireless Value Agri

Higher yields, more control of the greenhouse climate, greater insight into processes. These are some of the core benefits of Wireless Value Agri, our proven and acclaimed wireless measurement system. How does this wireless system for greenhouse farming work? And what can it do for you as a grower? Read more about our sustainable climate system for crop optimisation.

What is Wireless Value Agri?

Wireless Value Agri is a measurement system that consists of a number of wireless sensors connected to a base station. You can use the system in addition to your existing climate control system. The sensors measure values such as temperature, relative humidity, CO2, temperature evolution in heat networks, and PAR. The measured data are transmitted to the base station, which makes them available in an online dashboard. With this, as a grower, you get insight at a glance into what is currently happening in your greenhouse and you can monitor the effect of adjustments.

No worries at all

Because the platform is plug & play in nature, it can be installed without the need for any technical knowledge. Finally, the extremely energy-efficient design means you only need to change batteries once every 5 years.

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Some features of our Agri system

What are some notable and unique features of our Agri system?

Control of the greenhouse climate

As a grower, you want to maintain an optimal climate in your greenhouse because the better the climate, the better the yield. Homogeneity is an important theme here. How do you keep temperature differences as small as possible between different places in the greenhouse? How do you gain insight into thermal gain and loss? And how can you know the effect of certain screen and window positions? Our wireless measurement system gives you exactly the information you need for optimisation.

Higher yields, lower costs

Crop optimisation is always an important theme for growers. But there doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution. When are the temperature and relative humidity ideal for your crops to grow? The data our sensors collect enables you to see what is happening, so you know exactly what to adjust for better growth. You might even be able to achieve higher productivity while using less energy.


Wireless Value Agri is remarkably flexible system. First of all, you can always move the sensors to different positions as required. They are wireless, so there is no need to run many metres of cable to install the sensors. Moreover, the system can be adapted to the needs of your farm as it grows. Do you need more sensors because you want to monitor more growing area? You can easily add sensors to the existing system at any time.


Our sensors are sustainable in several ways. Wireless Value Agri helps you make the most of expensive energy. That not only saves you money, but is also good for the environment. Further, our sensors are enclosed in housings made of 100% recycled material. And with their energy-efficient design, they can take readings for as long as five years on the same batteries!

Proven result

Wireless Value Agri is used around the world every day in growing vegetables, ornamental plants, crop propagation and breeding to measure greenhouse climate and plant conditions. See below for a good example of greenhouse optimisation with our sensors.

About Wireless Value

At Wireless Value, we can tell you all about the added value of wireless measurement, but we’re especially proud of the results of our work. Year in, year out, our wireless sensors prove their worth: they contribute to cost savings, sustainability and optimisation in very diverse markets. Markets such as the energy sector, fruit and vegetable growing, heavy industries, property management, laboratories and hospitals all benefit from our systems. Curious about the results? View our cases.


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