Determining irrigation with wireless weight measurement

How do you measure irrigation and evaporation (weight loss) in crops? These data are important to optimise greenhouse processes. Wireless Value developed a wireless weighing scale measuring 2 metres by 30 centimetres at the request of a number of growers. How has this scale contributed to optimisation and sustainability?

Optimal irrigation

It is crucial that greenhouse crops receive just the right amount of water for optimal harvest yields and also to avoid unnecessary waste. How do you establish that optimum level of irrigation? This is often not a simple thing to determine. Because of this, many growers rely on their senses and experience.

Irrigation per watering section

With a wireless scale, you can see what is happening. The measurement data allow growers to optimise the irrigation interval per watering section. Placing a wireless scale in each watering section provides a clear overview of irrigation and evaporation. All the data are easy to read off directly from a computer or other device.

Accurate & efficient

Various other measurements have shown that measuring weight instead of soil moisture is very accurate and effective. The scales are easy to combine with other wireless technology, which makes it easy to control and optimise irrigation. The flexibility of the system makes it possible to connect all kinds of different sensors (PAR, irradiance, CO2, plant temperature, etc.).  


Our water weighing scales have proved particularly effective, which is why our weighing systems are now used by farmers growing crops such as:

  • Hydrangea
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Tomato
  • Aubergine
  • Cucumbers

Clear measurement data

You can always access your measurement data in our online portal, Wireless Value Online. Depending on your sensors, you can see important measurement data here in graphs and floorplans such as:

  • Climate uniformity and disease pressure
  • Soil moisture, soil EC and soil temperature
  • Plant weight, irrigation and evaporation

Optimisation and sustainability

Our wireless scales have helped growers to optimise their processes and become more sustainable. As part of our Wireless Value Agri system, they help growers to optimise energy costs and increase product yields. That not only saves money, but is also good for the environment. The system is easy to combine with existing systems.

Wireless Value Agri

Wireless Value Agri is our proven and acclaimed system that growers use to monitor the climate in their greenhouses. The bottom line is that this system enables you to create the perfect greenhouse climate: perfect for yields and also for safety and energy costs. With an online dashboard, you can see what is currently happening and you can also see what happened in the past day, week or month.


Precise and reliable measurement data


Measured data always within reach


Always a tailor-made solution