Towards sustainability and lower energy costs

What are the silent energy wasters in your office building? What needs to be done to make the climate control system in your building more sustainable? The wireless measurement system from Wireless Value is the answer. Would you like more data on your energy consumption and to use 5 to 25 per cent less energy? Get to know Wireless Value Energy.

Wireless Value Energy in brief:

  • Map out silent energy wasters
  • Monitor your current climate control system
  • Invest in an suitable energy solution


Energy is high on the agenda in most organisations, not only because energy costs in an office building can be high, but also because sustainability and conservation are issues that everyone needs to consider. Wireless sensors from Wireless Value give you more insight into the real energy consumers in your building, so you immediately know which knobs to turn to save energy and make your building more sustainable. How does our wireless measurement system work?

Easy installation

One of the major advantages of the wireless sensors from Wireless Value is that they are very easy to install, just behind the central energy meter. They really are plug & play. You don’t need to worry about connection points or cables: they’re wireless, so you just put them where you want to take readings. Our sensors also work perfectly with existing systems and can read out your current energy meters through a wireless module. After installation, you can see the actual energy consumers in your building in real time and monitor the existing climate control system.


Our sensors transmit the measurement data to an online portal. You can see the energy consumption of the various devices in your building at a glance. You’ll find all the metrics that are important to you on a personalised dashboard. Do you want to know how a given metric evolves over a certain period of time? Use the handy reporting function You can only start saving once you’ve identified what the energy wasters are.


Precise and reliable measurement data


Measured data always within reach


Always a tailor-made solution

Innovative sensors

You can go in any direction with our sensors, literally and figuratively. They have been developed to read a wide range of parameters. These include CO2, motion ratio, particulate, light (lux), temperature and humidity. But we won’t waste your time with too many technical details. The wireless sensors from Wireless Value Energy are simply the best and most versatile available on the market. After more than 20 years of experience, we have the technology to build the most innovative sensors there are.


Our sensors are used in many ways to map out energy consumption and identify silent energy wasters. As we have mentioned, you can map out the current climate control system in a building. But you can also identify the needs of a building and with that knowledge you can confidently invest in a suitable energy solution. Our sensors can also help you determine how a building can meet BREEAM sustainability certification. In other words, there are plenty of possibilities.

About Wireless Value

At Wireless Value, we can tell you all about the added value of wireless measurement, but we’re especially proud of the results of our work. Year in, year out, our wireless sensors prove their worth: they contribute to cost savings, sustainability and optimisation in very diverse markets. Markets such as the energy sector, fruit and vegetable growing, heavy industries, property management, laboratories and hospitals all benefit from our systems. Curious about the results? View our cases.

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