Measurements for a comfortable indoor climate

Wireless Value has been a trusted partner in utilities for many years. With our wireless measurement system, we provide wireless measurements for homes, office buildings and other real estate projects. With our sensors, you get all the data from your property that you need. This will help you save energy, monitor comfort and climate, and maintain ambient quality for living or working. Discover Wireless Value Utility.

In brief:

  • More insight into the indoor climate
  • Energy saving
  • More comfort in your building

Measurement and monitoring

Wireless sensors from Wireless Value are used for temporary measurements, for example for EPC/ESCo of indeed for permanent fixtures to provide an existing building management system with more data. With its long wireless range and long battery life, it has a remarkably low impact on your maintenance cycle and rollout is very easy.

Types of sensors

We have an extensive range of wireless sensors. That means there is a solution for every requirement for extra information and insight. With our comfort sensors, aside from air quality you can also measure the presence of people and natural light. This enables you to accurately determine the comfort level that users experience and to compare this with energy consumption. You can evaluate sustainability improvements to your property by measuring the savings in combination with changes in the indoor climate. By using motion sensors intelligently, you can control ventilation or lighting and schedule facility services.

Easy installation

One of the great advantages of the wireless sensors from Wireless Value is that they are very easy to install anywhere that is relevant for you. They really are plug & play. You don’t need to worry about connection points or cables: they’re wireless, so you just put them where you want to take readings. Our sensors also work perfectly with existing systems. After installation, you can see real-time air quality in your building and monitor the existing climate control system.


Our sensors transmit the measurement data to an online portal. There, you can see the measurement data from the various sensors in your building at a glance. You’ll find all the metrics that are important to you on a personalised dashboard. Do you want to know how a given metric evolves over a certain period of time? Use the handy reporting function With the right data, you can create the perfect climate in your property.


Precise and reliable measurement data


Measured data always within reach


Always a tailor-made solution


By combining smart sensors with our state-of-the-art wireless platform, we help our customers have more insight and to make better decisions, while saving on costs.

About Wireless Value

At Wireless Value, we can tell you all about the added value of wireless measurement, but we’re especially proud of the results of our work. Year in, year out, our wireless sensors prove their worth: they contribute to cost savings, sustainability and optimisation in very diverse markets. Markets such as the energy sector, fruit and vegetable growing, heavy industries, utilities, laboratories and hospitals all benefit from our systems. Curious about the results? View our cases.


To find out more about wireless measurements for an optimal indoor climate, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to make an appointment for a consultation.