Wireless Value Range Extender

Increase the range of the wireless sensor network

  • Compatible with all Wireless Value Base Stations
  • Compatible with all Wireless Value sensors
  • Easy to integrate into existing Wireless Value networks
  • Configurable routing when using multiple Range Extenders

Product description

The Wireless Range Extender is the ideal solution if the distance between the sensor and base station is too great. The Range Extender is part of the wireless Value infrastructure to guarantee data transmission. Multiple Range Extenders can be deployed per Base Station, where the routing can be configured per Range Extender.

  • Forms the Wireless Value platform together with the Base Station
  • A maximum of 5 Range Extenders can be connected to a base station
  • Available with solar panel for outdoor use

Technical specifications


  • Wireless Value Infrastructure
  • Range Extender


  • 0 °C tot +60 °C
  • 8 V – 30 V DC
  • EN 300 220
  • 868 - 870 MHz (depending on region)
  • RED, CE
  • 1,000 meters (clear line of sight, can be extended)
  • 2,000 meters (unobstructed line of sight)
  • IP22
  • 130 (L) x 180 (W) x 60 (H) mm
  • Wireless Value
  • 100 sensors
  • External
  • SensorGraph or Wireless Value Online Portal
  • Configurable line or star (in combination with multiple Range Extenders)