Pharma & Lab

Our wireless sensor systems are employed in hospitals, clinical and chemical laboratories, during transport of samples, and in all situations where continuous monitoring is of major importance.

Measurement and monitoring

Wireless Value ensures that all equipment in a laboratory is accurately and continuously monitored. This is not limited to just temperature control in refrigerators and freezers – cryogenic cooling (to as low as -180° C) and muffle furnaces (to as high as +800° C) can be monitored in real-time and 24/7. We also offer sensor systems for the monitoring of over- and under-pressure, for example in PCR rooms, relative humidity, CO2 (up to 6.5 %) and the status of refrigerators and freezers. Our temperature sensors are used for the transport of medical samples to allow real-time control of compliance with requirements. From the point of sampling to the lab track.

Total solution

The aim of Wireless Value is to remove some of the workload from the customer through a reliable and intuitive sensor system. The customer can then focus on the analysis and interpretation of the measured sensor results, ensuring more efficient day-to-day management. Our sensors work autonomously and automatically alert the correct person via text, e-mail and WebSensys. This means that everything in your laboratory is monitored unnoticed, and that you are immediately updated if readings are too high or too low. Because the platform is of the plug & play type, no technical knowledge is required for its installation. Finally, the extremely energy-efficient development ensures that changing batteries is only necessary once every 5 years.

Meeting requirements

Sensors are periodically calibrated according to ISO 17025, as a function of internal and external requirements. Our software is also compliant with FDA CFR21 CH11, meaning that we guarantee the reliability and repeatability of all measurements. For further compliance, WebSensys has an extended logbook function from which changes to the configuration can be accurately traced.


The combination of our many years of experience in measurements for hospitals, clinics and chemical laboratories, and our advanced technology, makes us the ideal partner for wireless measurement provision.


If you would like to know more about accurate and flexible monitoring, we would be happy to make an appointment to advise you on this.