Wireless monitoring in laboratories

Faultless measurement and monitoring are vital

It is crucial for hospitals and laboratories to monitor certain medical materials constantly, for example in refrigerators, freezers, and during transport. How did the wireless measurement system from Wireless Value help with this?

Medical standards

Most hospitals have laboratories for research, testing and evaluation. They must meet the applicable medical standards. Many types of medical material need to be stored in different locations at different temperature levels, and most materials may not be stored together in the same refrigerator or freezer. It is often difficult to make reliable measurements in all these different places. 

Monitoring various parameters

A few values that are very important for hospitals and laboratories include:

  • Temperature in freezers and refrigerators
  • CO2 levels (up to 60,000 ppm)
  • Pressure difference between lab departments
  • Cylinders of liquid nitrogen
  • Laboratory climate (temperature, humidity and incidental formaldehyde)
  • Medical material temperature measurements during transport

During medical audits, hospitals must be able to show measurement data and logbooks. Some of the data is used for scientific research and must be kept for longer than 10 years.


The challenge for hospitals and laboratories is clear. How do you stay in control of the measured values so you continue to meet the medical standards? How do you avoid finding out too late that certain values were too high or too low?

Wireless Value Pharma & Lab

Wireless Value Pharma & Lab is fully designed to meet the needs of hospitals and laboratories. Our wireless measurement system provides a solution that measures all the values that are important to the sector. Some characteristics:

  • Wireless sensors that are easy to place in coolers and freezers
  • Smart notifications when certain values are exceeded
  • Real-time overview in a dashboard
  • Useful reporting functions
  • Wide range of measurement data

Meeting the standard

For example clinical, chemical and microbiological laboratories will have more than 120 Wireless Value sensors installed to measure certain values. In this way, hospitals and laboratories can be sure they are compliant with the standard. Further, 10 special sensors are installed to measure parameters such as pressure difference, formaldehyde, and CO2.

Smart notifications

An advantage is that our system can be set up to send a notification the moment there is anything wrong with the readings. And you can set these notifications so only the relevant people get them.

Measurement during transport

For transport between the blood draw station and the laboratory, 150 sensors are used to monitor blood samples.

Sustainable measurement

We believe in the power and value of wireless measurement. Our conviction is that wireless measurement makes the world safer, healthier and more sustainable. Are you curious about how our products can help you save and optimise? Please contact us.


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