Temperature measurement in bridges

Prevent malfunctions with wireless temperature measurements in bridges

In summer, bridges often get so hot that they have to be cooled by the fire brigade. And in winter, temperatures can drop to well below zero. A bridge and its technical rooms need to withstand these extremes. A critical failure can cause major problems: blocked traffic, high costs and a lot of frustration. How do you keep track of temperature fluctuations?

Temperature in technical rooms

What is the effect of summer weather conditions on the temperature in technical rooms and basements of bridges? That was a question the engineering firm Antea had to answer. How? Using wireless sensors from Wireless Value. This enabled them to provide valuable recommendations for optimal management.

Required measurement data

The requested measurement data had to meet a number of requirements. The data had to meet the following requirements:

  • Conducted over an extended period
  • Accurate
  • High data density (many measurements per day)
  • Easy to collect

Wireless Value’s wireless platform

Antea has been using Wireless Value’s wireless platform for a long time. For this project, only an expansion was needed with a number of wireless temperature sensors. Antea placed these sensors at various locations in the technical rooms and basements. These sensors can be connected to a network, which enables you to read the data in real time. However, that was not necessary for this project. Because of this, our sensors’ buffer function and long battery life were used. With these features, the measurements could be stored over the entire period and kept until the time to read them out.

Seasonal measurement in technical rooms of bridges Antea
Temperature measurement with wireless sensors

Measurements step by step

The project then looked like this:

  • Install wireless sensors
  • Leave in place for three months
  • Retrieve and read out
  • Give recommendation

Measurements for savings and optimisation

When do you intervene in bridge management? We often see administrators taking action based on intuition. But action based on measurements is much more accurate.  Because when you know what is happening, you also know exactly when to intervene or what to adjust. Temperature measurements in bridges help prevent failures and reduce unnecessary waste.

Sustainable measurement

We believe in the power and value of wireless measurement. Our conviction is that wireless measurement makes the world safer, healthier and more sustainable. Are you curious about how our products can help you save and optimise?


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