Sports & Play

Developed and produced in the Netherlands

Wireless Value develops, manufactures and sells products that allow measurement values from sensors to be transmitted wirelessly for further processing and monitoring. In that framework, Wireless Value has been developing wireless products for measuring playground surfaces since 2008. Discover our Sports & Play line.


Our devices for measuring sports fields stand out for their design and ease of use. Wireless Value offers a number of devices such as the HIC meter, the AAA meter (advanced artificial athlete) and the AA meter (artificial athlete). Our products can be found all over the world and are used to inspect and test surfaces such as football pitches, hockey pitches, tennis courts, rugby fields and athletics tracks.


In 2008, Wireless Value brought a wireless version of the HIC meter to the market. This HIC meter is now used all over the world by municipalities, inspection companies, testing institutes and certification bodies for testing and inspecting playground surfaces, for example underneath play equipment. With our HIC meter, you can be sure that your playground surface fully complies with the current safety standards.

About our products:


Precise and reliable measurement data


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