With Wireless Value sensor systems, production environments are monitored more accurately and efficiently. The combination of proven technology and many years of experience is your guarantee of quality and security.

Measurement and monitoring

The seamless alignment of wireless module and sensor means that we are able to measure temperatures between -200°C and + 600°C. We are also able to measure various gases, pressure and over-pressure, distance, open/closed, light, dust particles, and so on.

Thanks to the extensive wireless range and the long battery life, rollout is very easy.

Total solution

You receive useful information that tells you more about the technical status of your machinery, production, quality and energy consumption. These data allow optimal planning of your regular maintenance, minimisation of unplanned downtimes, and cost savings on overhead, spares and energy consumption.


By simply implementing the wireless sensor system, you are making the switch to accurate asset management allowing more targeted control of your company processes. The data can also be provided directly via MODBUS to your ERP, MES of SCADA system,


If you would like to know more about accurate and flexible monitoring we will be pleased to make an appointment to advise you on this.