Non-residential construction

Wireless Value has been a trusted partner in non-residential construction for the provision of wireless measurements for over 12 years now.

Our sensors allow to obtain all the data you require from your building in order to save energy, monitor comfort and climate, and keep track of living and working conditions.

Measurement and monitoring

Wireless Value wireless sensor systems are used for temporary measurements for, by way of example, EPC/ESCo, or indeed for permanent configurations in order to furnish an existing building management system with more data. Thanks to the extensive wireless range and the long battery life, the impact on the maintenance cycle is particularly low and deployment is very straightforward.

Total solution

Our wide range of wireless sensors offers a solution to any requirement for additional information and insight. Our comfort sensors not only allow you to measure air quality, but also to detect the presence of persons and the level of light. So, in this way, you can accurately determine the comfort level experienced by users and balance this against energy consumption. You can assess the sustainability of your building by measuring savings in combination with the changes in the internal climate. Smart use of movement sensors allows you to control ventillation or light and plan facilities services.


By combining smart sensors with our state of the art wireless platform our clients achieve greater insight, make better decisions and at the same time save on costs.


If you would like to know more about flexibile monitoring, we would be happy to make an appointment to advise you further.