Water treatment plants

The need exists to measure various physical parameters of wastewater. In many cases, sensors have to be positioned on rotating equipment.

Each water treatment plant has a number of different purification units. These comprise settling tanks built for the continuous removal of solid matter through sedimentation. A clarifying agent is usually employed to remove solid particles or floating solid matter from the wastewater. Most particles occur as sludge on the bottom of the tanks, while some of these substances continue to float on the surface of the wastewater.

The water treatment plant needed to measure various parameters of the wastewater such as:

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen
  • Salinity

The problem arises when sensors have to be positioned on the rotating arms in a settling tank.
Our wireless system in combination with the robust housing have created a maintnace-free and durable solution. Because the customer wished to integrate measurement data into their control and monitoring application, a base station wass used with Modbus output.

With the help of the Wireless Value system a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution was developed for measuring data in rotaing objets of the water treatment plant. The robust housing is resistant to the effects of weather and fumes. Using the base station with Modbus output signals, we were able to connect the Wireless Value systeem to the plant control software system.