Water treatment plants

Reliable measurement on rotating objects

Wastewater treatment plants need to measure various physical parameters of wastewater. The only question is how to go about it. In many cases, sensors actually need to be placed on rotating parts. Wireless Value has the answer.

Treatment units

Every wastewater treatment plant has several treatment units. These are settling tanks, which are built to continuously remove solids deposited by sedimentation. They often use a clarifying agent to remove solid particles or suspended substances from wastewater. Most of the particles form sludge at the bottom of the tanks while some of them float on the surface of the wastewater.

Desired measurements

The wastewater treatment plant needed to measure various parameters of wastewater such as:

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen
  • Salt content

As we have said, the challenge is how to place sensors on the rotating arms in a settling tank. 

Wireless measurement

Our wireless system combined with its robust housing has proven to be a durable, maintenance-free solution for the treatment plant. Because the customer wanted to integrate the measured data into their control and monitoring application, we used the Base Station with a Modbus output.

Solution for rotating objects

We used the Wireless Value system to develop a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution to measure data in the rotating equipment of the water treatment plant. The robust housing is resistant to weather and fumes. We used the Modbus output signal from the base station to connect the Wireless Value system to the plant’s control software system.

Sustainable measurement

We believe in the power and value of wireless measurement. Our conviction is that wireless measurement makes the world safer, healthier and more sustainable. Are you curious about how our products can help you save and optimise? Please contact us.


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